Coronavirus update from Airedalevets - 20th April 2020.

We are now vaccinating puppies again. When the current lock down was
started four weeks ago, we had stopped vaccinating puppies. However the
Royal College of Surgeons have changed their guide lines ( see below).
We have decided to restart vaccinating puppies as we consider there is a
real risk of disease both to the puppy and to the puppy's owners if we
do not vaccinate puppies. We think a lot of owners will still take out
their puppies if they are not vaccinated and it is very important to the
puppy to start going out no later than 10 & a half weeks old. You
can only do this safely if your puppy has been vaccinated. Puppy
vaccinations include vaccinations against leptospirosis which is
something a person could catch from a dog and therefore vaccinations are
important. We can vaccinate your puppy from 6 weeks old and the second
vaccine can be given four weeks after the first vaccination.
in the UK work under rules and guidelines from the Royal College Of
Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). The RCVS is in regular contact with the
government about the Covid-19 outbreak and the RCVS has issued
guidelines as to what vets can and should not be doing during the
outbreak. These guidelines are their to protect the public as a whole,
pet owners, vets and their staff and also the pets themselves. In the
last few days, our vet, Dr Peter Eccles has spoken to the RCVS, the
Veterinary Defence Society and a Health & Safety Consultant to get
the best advice about what we can do and should not be doing under the
present circumstances. The safety of our patients and our clients and
our staff , and the public as a whole is a top concern to all at
Airedalevets. After taking this advice we have decided that under the
present circumstances we will temporarly not able to offer vaccinations
to kittens. We will be monitoring the disease situation in the area and
if this changes we may change this policy. This may seems unfair.
However we feel that it is safest for all involved to leave the
vaccinations for a few more weeks. These kittens should be kept indoors
until they have had their vaccinations. It is not as important to let
kittens out in the 1st four months or so of their lives as it is with
puppies. Failure to properly socialise a puppy before it is 14 weeks old
can result in behavioural problems which can be very serious. We would
advise you, if you already have a cat or cats that might be carriers of
cat flu, that you should not get a new cat until after the new has been
able to be vaccinated, ideally vaccinate before you bring the new cat
into your home. If you are not sure if your cat maybe a carrier of cat
flu, please email the surgery and we will check our records. Please ring
or email if you have any questions or concerns
Booster vaccines for dogs and cats.

We have decided it is safest if we leave booster vaccinations for at
least a few more weeks. Although this is not ideal under normal
circumstances, we believe this for the best under the present extreme
circumstance. If you have any questions or worries about this please
email the surgery. Leaving boosters for two months after they are due is
not ideal, there is some risk with doing this but this is the least of
two evils, ie the other option is to put people at risk. If the booster
vaccine is only a few months over due then in most cases the course will
not need to be started again as just one booster will be all that is
needed. If you have any concerns or questions please email the surgery.

Coronavirus update from Airedalevets - 20th April 2020.
Flea & worm (parasite) treatments for dogs and cats. (also Apoquel treatment for dogs)
Stay at home is the message we are all getting, everyone heard of this? :-)
However people with pets still need to look after their pets.
To help with this, we now have a free postal service for parasite treatments for dogs and cats, and for Apoquel.

We can set up a monthly delivery of parasite treament for your dogs and
cat, we charge nothing for the postage. Just email us on with you contact details and ask about this and
we will get back to you. We will need to set up a direct debit and Bob's
your Uncle, you will start to recieve a monthly treatment of parasite
control (or Apoquel) Email us and when we ring you back, before setting
anything up we will fully discuss with you everything, including the
cost, and you can ask any questions you may have. Once the direct debit
is set up, you can cancel it at any time without costs. (Of course terms
and conditions apply but you can look at these on line).
With this
scheme we have a tablet for dogs. This is an amazing new product, it
treats &/or prevents!!! are you sitting comfortably?:.... four types
of ticks, both dog and cat fleas (yes dogs can get both dog and cat
fleas!), and worms: round worms, hookworm, lungworm and heartworm. Some
of the parasites can be dangerous to you dog, and some are dangerous to
humans too. We recommend that you give one tablet once a calender month.
Dr Peter Eccles's dog eats these tablets like a treat! This costs £9.60
for a dog weighing 10-19.9 Kg
For cats we have a spot on
treatement. This treats round worm, hookworm, prevents heartworm
infection, treats fleas and four types of ticks, ear mites, bitting
lice. This costs just £8.64 for a cat weighing less than 5 Kg.
These are just any parasite treatments, thes are AVG parasite treatments! 🤔🙂

Special offers at Airedale Vets in Keighley and Wilsden, Bradford

Extensive Kitten & Puppy Packs just £68 now for a limited period


We have special offers on Kitten & Puppy Packs. These packs give you new pet a great start to a healthy life and they have just got even better and are one of the most comprehensive packages you can get. They include vaccinations, worming & flea treatment & treatment for other parasites. The pack also includes a full examination & check up. It also includes four weeks immediate cover with insurance with the UK leading pet insurance company (terms & conditions apply) and it includes a microchip. We even throw in a free bag of top quality kitten or puppy food. See below for more details.

Improved, puppy Packs: £68.


This pack has just got even better. Ideally these should be started at six weeks old. If your pup is already over 6 weeks old then in most cases it is best to let the puppy settle in at your house for the first week after you get him or her, and then make an appointment as soon as possible after this, for the first vaccination. Airedale Vets is using the latest dog vaccines & this is included in the Puppy Pack.The puppy pack includes vaccination with twelve vaccines in total. For more information about the diseases we vaccinate against at Airedale Vets visit our page on dog & cat vaccines. Usually this requires three appointments over four weeks, all included in the price. Very few practices offer this. Some practices only give seven vaccines with their puppy vaccination courses. We normally do not like to give more than four vaccines in one day which is why we normally ask you to come back three times compaired with the normal twice. Our pack also includes eight weeks of treatment for worms and fleas, twice as long as our previous puppy packs at now extra cost, including treatment against roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, heartworm, lungworm & fox lungworm and tape worms, protecting again twelve different types of worm. The puppy pack also includes treatment for fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange & biting lice, and ticks. It includes a microchip. The pack includes four weeks free insurance. This insurance can give full cover immediately which is a lot better than most insurance which often has a two week delay before you get full cover. Purchasing a puppy pack entitles you to a five percent discount off the price of neutering at Airedale Vets if neutered within one year of having the puppy pack (terms & conditions apply). We also will give you a bag of top quality puppy food worth.

Improved Kitten Packs £68

Like the puppy pack, the kitten pack has just got better for a limited period. It includes two lots of vaccinations, which includes four vaccines each visit, the 1st at eight weeks old.


Thats four vaccines in just one injection each visit, ideally at three weeks apart.  The best time for the first vaccination is at eight weeks old. The pack also includes a microchip, & four weeks free insurance which can be activated straight away to give immediate cover with the UKs leading pet insurance company(terms & conditions apply). The kitten pack also gives eight weeks of treatment & prevention for , fleas & ear mites, for round worm and hookworm, 31 days treatment for ticks. Also purchasing a kitten pack entitles you to a five percent discount of the price of neutering at Airedale Vets if neutered within two months of having the kitten pack. The package also includes a bag of top quality kitten food.

We vaccinate kittens & cats against Feline Leukaemia Virus, (please look at the paragraph below for more details on these diseases) Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus, Feline Calici Virus & Feline Parvo Virus (Panleukopenia Virus). There are some local practices who do not vaccinate against all these illnesses which leaves your cat at risk.

Feline Leukaemia Virus causes a type of cat AIDS. Humans cannot get cat AIDS nor can cats get human AIDS, however it is a very serious disease, & is usually eventually fatal. Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus & Feline Calici Virus are types of cat flu. Cat flu is a big problem, not only can these viruses cause serious acute disease, they can be fatal, they can also leave the cat with long term or permanent disease which can cause the cat a lot of suffering for the cat and be very expensive to treat. Feline Panleukopenia Virus causes vomiting & diarrhoea & is fatal in many cases.

The included pet insurance is with Pet Plan, terms & conditions apply. Because this insurance can start & give full protection immediately, it is better than most policies even if you pay for the policy. Terms & conditions apply.

Contact us on 01535 609040

To find out more, please drop us an email via the contact page, or give us a call using the number above.

Extra value Worm Tablet.

Airedale Vets now have a  worm tablet that is probably the best worm tablet you can get and yet you can worm a dog weighing 24 Kg or a large cat for just £2.50 . (terms & conditions apply) This tablet will worm you dog against 12 different species of worm, including roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm & lungworm. We have the same amazing value worm tablet for cats at just £2.50 as well.

New Postal Service for Parasite Control

We have introduced a new way for you to get your wormers and flea & tick
treatments. Next time you are near the surgery pop in and buy a flea and worm
treatment and we can then set up free posting to you in the future at intervals
which suit you, or we can do this over the phone.

For cats we have a spot of product which is probably the best flea & tick treatment you
can get for cats, it also controls roundworm and hookworm, heartworm, fleas, ticks, lice and
mites. A monthly supply posted to your door costs under £7 a month (for cats weighing less than
5Kg ).

For dogs we have a tablet which controls fleas for at least 5 weeks. It also controls
ticks, sarcoptic mange, ear mites infestations, and Demodex. This costs less
than £10 a tablet for a 10-20 Kg dog. To complement this you can also get a
worm tablet that controls 12 different types of worms
(compare that with any other worm tablet!) which only costs £2.50!! a tablet
and you only need one tablet for a dog weighing less than 25 Kg (how does that
compare with your present worm tablet? We can’t post these worm tablets out by
themselves but we can post them with the flea & tick tablet. If you want to
buy these amazing worm tablets without the flea and tick tablet you will need
to buy these from the surgery. They are a POM category medicine so we can only
sell them to our own clients.

dog Jess in the snow (one of Peter's dogs)


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