24 Hour Service And Emergency Vets

At Airedale Vets, we are open from 8.45 am to 7.00pm Tuesday to Friday (7:30pm on Monday) and we are also open Saturday morning.

Please take one of our cards with appointment times or our brochure.
We also do a lot of our own out of hours surgery, sometimes we use Vets Now. If you need help it is best to ring our main surgery telephone number (which is provided above).

If the office is closed you will normally be asked to phone 07050 185185. If you ring this number, you will normally speak to one of our vets.

Vets Now

In addition to this, Airedale Vets pays Vets Now a monthly fee so that our clients can use Vets Now services if needed.

Vets Now's telephone number is 01274 722721
You can look on Vets Now website: www.vets-now.com

Out of hours service

Airedale Vets have for years provided our own out of hours service, but with the improvements in emergency treatment and monitoring we feel that the availability of a dedicated out of hours service will normally provide a better standard of care. If you need an animal ambulance, please ring Vets Now and they can give you contact details. Alternatively, ask at reception for a card for one of the local animal ambulances.

Why are more and more vets recommending the use of a Vets Now Emergency Clinic for treatment of pets out of hours

It's simple...

Vets Now emergency clinics have:

  • Permanent staff specialising in emergency care.

  • Permanent staff who only work nights, not all days as well. Who wants a vet treating your pet at three in the morning if they have worked all day the previous day?

  • Staff whose continuing professional development is entirely dedicated to emergency care.

  • Specialised equipment and facilities.

  • Membership of the British Association of Veterinary Emergency Care (BAVEC).

Contact us

To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

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