Covid-19 Updates

and the latest guidelines for your pet care

We are doing everything we can to continue to care for your pets whilst also keeping our clients and staff safe in the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are learning new ways of continuing our care whilst adhering to social distancing rules, and the services we are allowed to offer are gradually returning. As well as emergency veterinary care, which has been available since the beginning, we are now able to treat your pets with the following.

See here for our full list of services

Booking an appointment

  • Call us on 01535 609040 to book your appointment. We will explain the current measures in place to keep everyone safe. 
  • When arriving for your appointment, please wait in your car/ wait outside. We will come and collect your pet
  • Due to new ways of working, things are taking longer than usual, so we thank you in advance for being patient with us!
  • Where possible we will speak to you outside to discuss treatments. We can provide masks if you need to come inside and don't have your own.


 COVID-19 Update 1st June 2020

Here we are, almost 10 weeks into Covid-19 Lockdown. So much has happened and so much has changed in the last 10 weeks that it is hard to keep up and even harder to keep focus on what we are doing and why we are doing it. At the start of Lockdown, Airedale Vets, in common with all other practices, shut its doors to all but urgent and emergency cases. Some of our staff have been furloughed and some staff are working from home part of the time. 

Over the last few weeks, we have gradually been allowed by our governing body, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), in consultation with the British Veterinary association (BVA) & the government, to do more work, but we are currently not allowed to go back to anything like normal. We have also found new ways of doing things which allow social distancing. We are now vaccinating dogs, cats & rabbits at both our surgeries on Devonshire St, in Keighley and our branch surgery in Wilsden. So, if your new dog, cat or your rabbit, needs a booster, please ring to arrange an appointment. For dog boosters this will be done outside for now, we may not be able to give a booster if your dog is very nervous or aggressive. Cats & puppies will be brought into the surgery without their human I’m afraid! ☹

We are unable to give 1st vaccines to puppies at our Wilsden surgery, these will need to be done at Keighley, in most cases 2nd vaccination for puppies can be given at both surgeries. Please see here for our special offers on vaccinations.

For reasons of wanting to reduce animal welfare problems we are now also neutering dogs and cats at our Keighley surgery. Please email us on to organise this with us. We are having to continue to make very difficult decisions as to how we can carry on working safely and continue to provide an appropriate service. Over-riding all of this remains the absolute need to protect the welfare of our patients, and the safety of our staff and our clients. 

Always ring our normal telephone number 01535 609040, sometimes you will get an answer machine asking you to ring 07050185185 and you will then be able to speak to a member of staff, so we are still here for you. If not urgent, please email

Due to social distancing & new protocols we are forced to use, everything takes much longer to carry out, from consultations (telephone, video, or face to face) to medicine dispensing. We very much understand, and share, the frustrations voiced by some clients because we are unable to offer a full service and the protocols we have introduced are often slow and cause delays. Please be patient. 

In common with most other practices, we continue not to allow clients into any of our surgeries in order minimise the risks to our staff. This policy is being continually reviewed and we will allow a return to face to face consultations indoors when the time is right.

Covid-19 Update - 19th April 2020

Airedale Vets are still here for you and we are open for you and your pets. We are still here for you for repeat medications, parasite control and food orders. We are still open to treat your pets, but due to covid-19 we are having to work under very strange circumstances. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) have been in consultations with the government about what vets and their practices should and should not be doing in these difficult times. The RCVS have recently updated their guidelines about how vets should do and not do. In the last few days, our vet, Dr Peter Eccles has spoken to the RCVS, the Veterinary Defence Society and a Health & Safety Consultant to get the best advice about what we can do and should not be doing under the present circumstances. The safety of our patients and our clients and our staff is of top concern to all at Airedale Vets. 

We are vaccinating puppies but we are not for now doing any other vaccinations. In circumstances where you would normally want to ring, or talk about concerns or problems, please still contact us. If your needs are urgent please ring the surgery on 01535 609040. You may then get an answer phone message to ring 07050185185, please ring this number and this will be answered. We are operating with less staff than normal as some have been furloughed. Non of our staff have been layed off due to Covid19. If your needs are less urgent, then email is probably better than ringing. For now, enquires about things like repeat prescriptions, flea and worm treatment, non urgent advice are in most cases best sent by email at If you email us please include your best contact numbers in case our contact details are no longer correct. If you ring the surgery we might be able to offer treatment without your pet being seen. We can offer telephone appointments, video appointments and for urgent cases we can sometimes see your pet at the surgery. If you want we can set up a monthly supply of flea and worm treatment, posted to you free of charge. We will contact you and set up a direct debit for you, this can be cancelled any time without a charge. Please email us and we can get back to you about this. If your dog is on Apoquel, we can also set up a direct debit for you and you will receive this monthly.