Fleas & Skin Parasites.


Fleas are the most common parasite of cats, dogs &? ferrets. Rabbits can also be affected. Fleas are also the most common cause of skin problems in pets. Flea problems are most common is late summer & early autumn.


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Some dogs & a few cats are so bad that they need medication to reduce their anxiety. If you think your pet might need medication, please ring the surgery for advice. Please do not leave it until the last minute as we need at least one full working day to get medications ready.

Ear mites.

Ear Mites are eight-legged parasites which can infect cats and dogs
They do not burrow into skin, but live on the surface of the skin in the outer ear canal
The mites are highly contagious and can pass easily from one infected pet to another with direct contact
Constant re-infestation can be a problem
Cats may carry ear mites without showing signs, but signs can flare up
Young animals are most susceptible to infestation but all ages can be affected
It is an extremely rare occurrence for this parasite to affect humans

Sarcoptic Mange Mite

Sarcoptic Mange Mites are eight-legged parasites, they spend their whole life on the host
Infection with these mites is known as mange, or in people it is called scabies
The sarcoptic mange mite is contracted via direct or indirect contact with an infected animal.
Sarcoptic mange mites are extremely contagious
How will this parasite affect my pet?
They can cause severe irritation, itching, redness, and skin disease
They often affect areas such as the ear margin, abdomen, groin, elbows and hocks and the infection can spread from these areas over the whole body
First visible signs may be scaling and wrinkling of the skin
They can cause severe itching, scratching, hair loss and skin disease
They can lead to bacterial infections
Can this parasite affect my health?
Mites can transfer from dogs to humans if there is close contact. They can burrow in human skin

At Airedale Vets, we have a product that protects you pets against fleas, ear mites,sarcoptic mange, biting lice, round worm, hookworm, whipworm, lungworm, fox lungworm & heart worm, just by putting a few drops on the back of the neck. We are not allowed to advertise its name but if you ring the surgery we can advise you about it. It is a POM product & it illegal to advertise it to the public. You will see for example some flea products advertised on TV, these are not POM products so they can be adverised. As a general rule, the newer flea & worm products are POM. For example, the flea product most frequently advertised on TV contains fiprinol which has been used as a pesticide in the UK for over thirty years. Newer, better products are available.

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