Animal care support staff in Keighley - Meet the team

Melanie Jayne Donohoe

Melanie Jayne Donohoe

Melanie is one of our nursing assistants. She has been with Airedale Veterinary Group since 2006. She has a first diploma in Animal Health and Biology. She has several qualifications in veterinary nutrition. She is a qualified Petplan Pet Insurance Advisor (PIA). Melanie has a great love of animals. At home, she has a Lhasa Apso called Bobbie and a Bichon Fris called Millie.

Kristina Spencer


Kristina joined Airedale Veterinary Group as our receptionist and animal and client care representative in February 2006.

Kristina is working part time with us while she is studying towards a degree. Whilst employed at Airedale Veterinary Group, Kristina has also undertaken further training to certify her as a Petplan Insurance Advisor (PIA) and has attended training in Hill's Pet Nutrition.

She has a Patterdale terrier called Alfie, two domestic cats named Rocky and Raven, and three little White Cloud Mountain minnow fish.

Louise Hardy

Louise Hardy

Louise joined the practice in 2013 as a trainee Veterinary Nursing Assistant. She is already qualified in Animal Management, getting a Distinction * ( at Level 2 Animal Management). She is now training for her level 3 Animal Management. She has a tri-coloured collie called Benson. She enjoys horse riding & she also enjoys the general care of a bigger animal, ie horses.

Molly Howley

Molly Howley

Molly has been with the practice since 2011, she started working here after attending the practice doing work experience while studying for her foundation degree in Animal Welfare & Management. She got a distinction in her first year & a merit in her second year.

She has three cats; Baudrons, Wychwood & Wilbur.

Just for fun Pets owned by our team members

These are some of the pets owned by the vets and staff at Airedale Veterinary Group.

Top Left Photo: Rocky Eccles. Peter inherited Rocky from his mum and dad. Strictly speaking, this is Rocky III as Peter's Mum & Dad had three Standard Schnauzers, all called Rocky. Rocky I predated the Rocky films, and the name Rocky related to the colour of her fur.
Top Middle Photo: Archie, Ken's dog, a Border Terrier. 
Top Right Photo: Molly's cat; Wilbur.
Bottom Left Photo: Louise's dog Eddie, after a pink chalk game with her son!
Bottom Right: Mel's dog Bobby

  • Rocky
  • Archie
  • dog
  • eddie
  • Bobby

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dog Jess in the snow (one of Peter's dogs)


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