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The practice (formerly Watson & Burrows) was established in the 1940's. We maintain traditional values of the veterinary profession of compassion and caring, combining these with modern medicines, techniques and equipment.

Vets and facilities

We have a lot to offer to our patients and clients.
We have two highly experienced vets:

To help with rapid and accurate diagnosis of any problems your pet may have, we have invested heavily in diagnostic equipment.

Tools such as ECGs, dental machinery, endoscopes, ultra sound, and lab facilities, along with the use of cryosurgery, diathermy, and modern anaesthetic equipment, help to provide top quality veterinary care.

We have an X-ray machine with a digital X-ray system. Digital X-rays are so much better than the traditional X-ray film. This allows for rapid and good quality diagnostic pictures.

X-rays are good at looking for structures such as bones, and ultra sound is better to look at softer tissues (i.e. liver, heart, tummy, etc), and may be used in conjunction with X-rays. We have a sophisticated ultra sound scanner. Our ultrasound has a Colour Doppler mechanism which makes it especially good for looking at the heart.

Laboratory For Dogs & Cats, & other Pets

Our laboratory help up to give really good care of your pet. We have invested heavily in sophisticated laboratory equipment. This allows for samples to be analysed within minutes when needed. The biochemistry and haematology analyser is computer assisted and can be used on blood from many species of animal. This allows us to run blood tests on animals on the day they come in for operations, for extra safety. We also have a courier who collects samples, five days a week, to take to an international lab if more exhaustive testing is needed. More often than not, results come back the same day by email.


We use ECGs to measure the electrical activity of the heart. They are also used to investigate heart problems and other problems.


Endoscopes allow us to look inside the body, i.e. down the trachea (wind pipe), into the stomach, etc. We can also take samples and sometimes remove things that should not be there, without the need for surgery. We have different types for different tasks.

Normal human blood pressure monitors do not work accuartely on dogs nor cats. The best type of blood pressure monitor for dogs & cats is the HDO but at about £1200 it does not come cheap.

Our pre-operation and separate operating rooms, equipped with modern equipment, provide an antiseptic and safe environment for all types of operations.

Dental facilities

The commonest disease suffered by dogs and cats is dental disease, and it causes more pain and suffering than any other single disease. We have a dental machine which acts as an ultrasonic descaler, and polishers, drills etc. We also have a range of equipment for rabbits and other small pets. This and the other equipment and facilities allow us to give special care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. X-rays may be needed to look at the teeth roots.

Product range

Within our reception area, we have a comprehensive display of top quality pet products which are very good value for money. We stock the Hill's range of dog and cat foods, which provide top quality nutrition and are highly palatable. We have a catalogue which contains hundreds of pet care products, which can usually be obtained within 24 hours.

We are happy to visit your pets at home if this in convenient or necessary for you. Please get in touch to find out more about this service.

Expert advice, free of charge

At Keighley, we offer expert advice, free of charge, on the products described above from our very experienced and qualified nursing staff. Please feel free to phone for advice or to make an appointment to see about any animal health matter. We have accurate weighing scales at Keighley, for your pets to be weighed free of charge (and we can weigh any animal from a mouse to a mastiff).

We work closely with the RSPCA, Dogs Trust, CPL and other animal charities in preventing and reducing animal suffering.

For further information, please get in touch.

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