Laboratory For Dogs & Cats, & other Pets

Airedale Veterinary Group has extensive laboratory facilities. By being able to do laboratory tests at the surgery we can have results within minutes which can save a pets life or reduce suffering in some cases.

We have a computerised blood analyser. This allows us to take blood samples & get results on tests on these samples. This can give us results within minutes of taking the sample. This can be invaluable with seriously ill pets or pets about to have to have operations and results are needed before having the operation.

We also have a courier to collect laboratory samples five days a week to take laboratory samples to an external laboratory which is a global market leader in diagnostics technology for animal health. Most of the results are emailed back to the surgery the same day.


We have a binocular microscope which lets us looks at skin scrapes, cytology and blood samples. We have staff who are trained to do this.

Computerised blood analyser.

This a computer controlled blood testing machine which allows us to test blood samples. This does "Haematology" & "Biochemistry" and "Electrolytes". The computer is programmed to understand the differences between different species, i.e. dogs & cats and even different age groups in these species, this allows for more accurate results.

Haematology Blood Test Analyser.

This lets us look at both the red & white blood cells. For example: low number of red blood cells occurs in anaemia, high numbers occur with dehydration. There are different types of white blood cells, neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils & lymphocytes. Our machine can count these cells. Altered white blood cells numbers and types can occur with infections, cancer & allergies. Abnormalities in these may indicate the need for further tests.

Biochemistry & Electrolytes Analyser.

This can test for enzymes, chemicals & electrolytes which occur in the blood. Altered levels of these can indicate problems with for example: the liver, the kdneys, hormone inbalances, etc,etc.

dog Jess in the snow (one of Peter's dogs)


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