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Vet Of The Year Nomination

Airedale Vets are proud that one of our vets, Peter Eccles has been nominated for Vet of the Year in the prestigious 2015 Petplan Veterinary Awards, known at the “Oscars of the Veterinary World”. These celebrated awards are highly regarded and to be nominated is a great achievement. Visit for more details.

New Parasite Treatments for cats & dogs.

Kitten Pup

Ee by gum: you dont get any good new medications for ages, & then two come alongKitten Pup together.
Two new products have come onto the market for parasite control. We have a new spot on treatment for cats which controls fleas, ticks, roundworm & hookworm & tapeworm. This the only product that treats all these parasites. We think this is a great new product. As an introductory offer, we are giving 25% of a pack of six vials while stocks last . Terms & conditions apply. Since this medication is POMV we can not advertise its name, nor can you buy this from a pet shop. Ring the surgery for details.

We also have new tablet for dogs to kill fleas & ticks. One tablet lasts for three months. We have an introductory offer on this too. We have a loyalty card, which means if you buy three tablets you get the fourth tablet free. So you could buy one now, another in three months, you might then want to come back in 11 months & buy another and then get the fourth free, or you might want to buy three at the same time and get the fourth free. Please ring the surgery for more information on 01535 609040.

Latest dog vaccine introduced


new dog vaccine is now available at Airedale Vets in their Keighley and Wilsden surgeries.

puppy-with-ballWe believe that our vets are the first in the area to be using this vaccine. We are introducing the latest leptospirosis vaccine. I know that a lot of people will not have heard of leptospirosis, but they are important diseases as they can not only kill dogs but they can also kill the owner and other people. One of the problems with these bacteria is that they look like very small worms and can wriggle though undamaged human skin in five minutes.

Vets have been successfully vaccinating dogs against leptospirosis for fifty years, by using a vaccine against two strains of leptospira. However, probably partly as a result of this success, the disease in the UK has changed and new strains have become more common. This latest vaccine is the first to include strains from all four groups of leptospira in Britain. It is also an improvement in other ways; the new vaccine that now protects against disease as well as protecting against the shedding of leptospiral bacteria in the urine. Shedding of leptospira bacteria in the urine is a danger to humans who handle the dog. This vaccination is given at the same time as the more familiar vaccines which protect against distemper, parvo, canine hepatitis, parainfluenza and respiratory adenovirus. So if your dog is vaccinated at Airedale Vets, we routinely protect your dog against nine different diseases. Click here on this link to find more about leptospirosis

This improved vaccine is available from Airedale Vets now at no extra cost to dog owners.
New rabbit vaccine against both myxomatosis and HVD


Airedale Vets are also using the latest vaccine for use in rabbits. This means that we can vaccinate at the same time against both myxomtosis and HVD with just one injection. This saves you money, saves you time and is safer for the person holding the rabbit (usually the owner), as some of the vaccines in the past had some risk with accidental injection. Ring the surgery on for details.


New Conditions In Humans Found To Be Caused By Roundworm.

The European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP), highlighted strong links between the roundworm (Toxocara) and common health issues in humans. Numerous studies which have linked Toxocara to conditions in humans such as asthma, allergies, epilepsy and even learning difficulties. It has been known for a long time that Toxocara causes eye problems including blindness & other serious health problems, especially in children.

Speaker and ESCCAP chairman, Maggie Fisher, highlighted one study which involved 425 children with a persistent cough and 1600 children who were not displaying symptoms as a control group.

The findings from this study show that 32 per cent of the children with a cough tested positive for Toxocara antibodies, compared to 17 per cent of the control group.

Furthermore, Maggie pointed towards a US study which suggested a link between the worm and reduced cognitive function in children.

In this study, children testing positive for antibodies to the parasite scored far lower on both verbal and manual tests, as well as maths and reading tasks.

Interestingly, Maggie noted, studies also indicate an indefinite or non-existent link between pet ownership and increased risk of toxocara infection, suggesting the highest risk is from the environment.

Maggie explained that as toxocara eggs can take weeks to become infectious after being passed in the animal's stools, worming and picking up waste is essential to reducing these environmental risks.

This research shows that it is very important to worm cats & dogs regularly with modem & effective work treatments to protect your pets, but also to protect people who have direct or indirect contact with your pet. A recent study showed that over 30% of dogs where infected with Toxocara. Some of the older wormers have showed to be very ineffective at treating dog & cats fo Toxocara. Please contact your vet for advice on the most effective treatments for Toxocara & other worms & parasites which cause problems in humans.

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