Free Vaccines for dogs & cats

For the rest of Julywe have a special offer. Puppies, kittens having their first vaccines and adult cats and dogs whose vaccinations have lapsed can get their second vaccines free. You pay for the first vaccines, and get the 2nd vaccines free.

Puppies can have their first vaccines at six weeks of age, & their 2nd vaccine at 10 weeks old. This practice uses a vaccine that protects all puppies and adult dogs against Distemper, Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis, Respiratory Adenovirus, and four different vaccines against four species of Leptospirosis. Typically your dog will get in either two or sometimes three visit to the vet, receiving eleven vaccines in total. This is more than most practices give. These vaccines are very important as not only do they protect your dog, they protect you and your family as some of these diseases can be fatal to humans if you dog becomes infected. All this you get for a special offer price of £34.80 inc VAT. This is the same price for puppies and adult dogs whose vaccines have lapsed and need to start again.

Kittens and adult cats, whose vaccines have lapsed, need two injections at three weeks apart. Kittens can normally have their first vaccines at nine weeks old. We vaccinate all cats again Parvovirus, Rhinovirus, Calicivirus and Leukaemia virus. Pay for the first vaccine at £48 and get the second free. Some local practices do not routinely vaccinate cats against Parvovirus which leaves them unprotected against this terrible disease.

For more information about the diseases these vaccines protect against please visit our website at link to dog vaccines

How to get these offers:

Please ring the surgery today to make an appointment and mention that you want this offer.

dog Jess in the snow (one of Peter's dogs)


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