New Dedicated Operating Theatre Opens at Vets in Keighley

Operating Theatre Vets in Keighley

Our operating theatre was specially designed to make your pets operation as safe as possible.

Dedicated Theatre For Operations Only

At Airedale Vets we believe it is very important that only operating is done in the operating theatre. Animals are prepared for surgery in the prep room, first. Any fur that needs clipping is removed in the prep room. We don't want loose fur floating in the air in the operating room. The site for surgery on the patient, is then cleaned & disinfected before being taken into the operation room. This greatly reduces the risk of things going wrong during or after surgery. Procedures which might contaminate the air, such as dental procedures are not done in the operating theatre. We only have one operation in the operation room at one time. You would not want someone to be having an operation on their foot while a surgeon was operating on your kidney in the same room. Nor would you want the team operating on you to be distracted by what was happening on the next operating table. It was alright in MASH but not here.

The lighting in the theatre is very high intensity with no shadows in the operating area to help the surgeon operate to a high standard.

In the operating room gaseous anaesthetics are available, patients can recieve oxygen, sevoflurane or isoflurane, or nitrous oxide. These anaesthetics are the safest available to ensure maximum safety for your pets & help ensure a rapid, smooth recovery. Some of the older anaesthetics are less safe & cause slower, & sometimes bad recoveries.

Special monitoring equipment is used in the operating room. These are used to make the operation safer. We have a computerised blood pressure monitoring system designed for use in animals. We can even use it on rabbits weighing less than one Kg. This can be programed to read blood pressure every minute, giving systolic & diastolic pressures & MAP (mean arterial pressure) as well as the pulse rate. Our Pulse Oximeter (designed for use in pets)records the level of the oxygen in blood in the capillaries as well as the heart rate while your pet is asleep. ECGs can record electrical activity of the pets heart for careful monitoring.

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