Flea & House Dust Mite Treatment for the house.

Spraying the house for fleas is a very good way of controlling fleas on dogs & cats in addition to other flea control. Some flea house sparys are very good at controlling house dust mites, which live in all houses and can cause asthma in humans & a very common condtion, atopy in dogs.

Airedale Vets keeps a close eye on products like this & have come to the conclusion that the best house flea & dust mite spray in the country is Indorex, which is a long lasting household spray for flea and dust mite control
It is easy to appl

Indorex: Full twelve months treatment

It provides a full 12 months of protection against fleas & house dust mites

Proven to stable in UV light, so effective in sunlit areas.
Safe for pets and humans

Fleas are crafty little blighters. They spend 95% of their time as eggs , larvae and pupae away from your pet and hiding in your sofa, bed linen, carpets and even the cracks in your floor and skirting boards. One flea on your pet can lay 400 eggs. These eggs look like dandruff, they are not sticky & drop off your pet, any where your pet goes. Thats why you need Indorex, the UKs No.1 household insecticide.

But beware, they have another little trick up their sleeves. No household insecticide can effectively kill the pupae, so you have to make them hatch. And that means a good vacuuming every day for at least 7 days after treatment. These vibrations trick the little rotters into thinking a dog (or human) is nearby, so they hatch and thats when Indorex can do its thing!

Use a high power, high filtration (HEPA) cleaner to take care of dust mites too. Their faeces and body parts can still cause allergic reactions once killed, so sort them out with a good spring clean, whatever the time of year!

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